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Palmetto Alarm can pre-wire your home or office during construction with custom applications tailored to fit your individual needs. We can also use the existing wire provided by your builder. In many cases, Palmetto Alarm can retrofit your home or office, even if there is no wiring currently in place. Hardwire systems include everything from entry level security to complete systems integration and automation, putting you in complete control of your environment.


The newest technology in security without limitations of construction and environment. Our wireless systems include easy-to-manage devices that communicate remotely with the control panel to provide security where wires won’t go. Palmetto Alarm also offers every wireless customer the added security and safety of Two-Way Voice technology. Two-Way Voice allows our customers to speak directly with a live operator in the event of any emergency. Two-Way Voice also allows our customers to prevent false alarms before the authorities are called. With our fast response time, typically within 22 seconds on average, Palmetto Alarm customers know they are protected.


The best of both worlds. Hybrid systems allow the integration of hardwire security with wireless sensors for complete coverage, no matter how complex the application. These solutions allow Palmetto Alarm to upgrade old and out-of-date security systems with new technology.

Video Surveillance

Seeing is believing and seeing is proof as well. When knowing what is happening from anywhere at any time is important, Palmetto Alarm will let you rest easy. We have a full line of products and solutions to meet your needs. With remote viewing, Palmetto Alarm can provide peace of mind. Whether you want to monitor your home while you’re away, see what’s happening at your vacation home, or check in on things at the office, Palmetto Alarm can provide the video solution that is right for you.

Access Control

Authorized personnel only. You decide who comes and goes, when they come and go, and what security level is needed to access sensitive areas. From the basic keyless lock at home to the digital record of each entry with time and date, Palmetto Alarm has a solution that puts you in control.