monitored security systems

Monitronics will work 24/7 to earn and maintain your trust by protecting you and over 700,000 other customers nationwide with advancedsecurity monitoring technology through the industry leading Central Monitoring Center.

We also know you work hard to create a home and a comfortable life. Losing any possession to a burglary or fire violates your way of life. That’s why you need a capable of providing a fast, efficient emergency response—every time—to protect your way of life and your belongings.

How does a monitored security system work?

When your Monitronics alarm is activated and then triggered by an event like a burglary or fire, Monitronics immediately goes into action:

  • Your alarm system instantly sends a signal to the Monitronics Central Monitoring Station, prompting our highly trained agents to react by contacting you via two-way voice or by phone.
  • The Monitoring Station Operator will ask you to provide your password. In case you accidentally set off your system, Monitronics will clear the alarm from any emergency dispatch.
  • If Monitronics is unable to contact you; if the monitoring station receives the wrong password; if your specified contact telephone line is busy; or if we have reason to suspect trouble at your home, we’ll dispatch the proper authorities to directly assess the situation.

What is Two-Way Interactive Voice Verification?

Monitronics is the industry leader in two-way, interactive audio voice verification. That’s a fancy way of saying that, when your security system’s alarm is activated, it allows for live, hands-free communication with one of our monitoring center operators from anywhere in your home. (Two-way voice verification is an essential component of modern alarm system technology, but many of our competitors don’t offer it.)

Through a hands-free, two-way speaker system, you can talk with the Monitronics monitoring center to alert us of your emergency or situation. Because you’re the only one who can activate the system, your privacy is maintained – and you’re in charge, because Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification can’t happen unless you choose to initiate the system or the alarm is triggered.

When an active alarm is triggered, or when you choose to activate the interactive audio system, you are quickly connected to the Monitronics Monitoring Center who can react to your call and stay with you through the whole event.

What makes a quality security system?

Good home security systems can be as diverse as the companies who sell them, but Monitronics believes an effective approach includes:

  • Integrated motion sensors, glass break detectors, and door and window contacts
  • Equipment that lets you pinpoint the exact location of alarm triggers
  • Efficient communications with your system’s central monitoring station's operators
  • The ability to integrate wireless devices to arm and disarm systems or sound panic alarms
  • Two-way voice communication capabilities
  • Up-to-date communications options for homes that use VoIP, broadband or other non-traditional telephone lines.

How reliable is monitoring? The Monitronics Central Monitoring Station is UL listed and 5-Diamond Certified by the CSAA. But what does that mean? It means our Monitronics team of professional emergency response representatives and our state-of-the-art monitoring equipment are always on alert, standing by to notify both you and law-enforcement authorities when there’s a breach of your security.

It means our dedicated monitoring team is there to make sure you get the help you need, when you need it. And it means our equipment – and our people --- are always on the lookout for power failure, low batteries, phone-line troubles or other critical conditions, making sure your equipment is ready as and when trouble arises.

When it comes to home security, one size does not fit all. At Monitronics, all of our security systems are customizable, adaptable and designed to grow with you and your family.

Now is the time to secure your home. The right way. Install a professionally designed, monitored system that meets your specific needs.

That’s life more secure.

What keeps Monitronics Customers Coming Back?

  • Fast response times – on average, less than 30 seconds
  • Lifetime Service Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service – with 97% of service calls resolved with the first call

How do I get a Monitored Security System? It's simple. Just complete our online survey by clicking here and a security consultant will contact you for an appointment.